March 30, 2012
"Bruno Sammartino Is My Favorite Wrestler", Mike Tyson
2012 WWE Hall of Famer Mike Tyson says his favorite all time wrestler is The Living Legend himself Bruno Sammartino. Tyson also said that he would rather have Bruno Sammartino and "Superstar" Billy Graham induct him, rather than Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

October 06, 2010
Bruno Sammartino's Birthday
Bruno Sammartino celebrated his 75th birthday on October 6, 2010. 
May 10, 2010
Authentic Signings, Inc. Conducts Rare Private Autograph Signing With Bruno Sammartino
Bruno Sammartino sat down to sign for Authentic Signings, Inc. Bruno signed wrestling trunks, robes, championship belts and other rare items including a cast signed Wrestlemania poster with 35 signatures on the poster. Fans can purchase those items at

March 30, 2010
Bruno Sammartino Signs For Sport Kings Trading Cards
Nick Cordasco of Prince Marketing Group, on behalf of Bruno Sammartino, has come to terms with Sport Kings on a licensing deal. Sammartino will grant his name and likeness and sign a limited number of trading cards that will include a piece of his ring worn trunks inserted into the cards. Sport Kings pays tribute to big names from a wide range of athletic pursuits and maintains the integrity of the original release. Each base card features original artwork and the roster includes such stars as baseball’s Ted Williams, football’s Troy Aikman along with many others that truly rank among the kings of their respective sports including several Prince Marketing Group clients.  
February 17, 2010
Bruno Sammartino Signs With Mattel
Bruno Sammartino has signed an independent deal with Mattel to produce an action figure, which is part of the WWE Legends Line. As of January 2010, Mattel has taken over as WWE´s master toy licensee covering all global territories upon the expiration of WWE´s current toy license. 
January 30, 2010
Bruno Sammartino Appearing in Los Angeles, California
Bruno Sammartino will make a very rare appearance in Los Angeles, California on January 30th  for Wrestle Reunion. Fan´s can find out everything about the event by going to 

January 10, 2010
Bruno Sammartino Honored For Dapper Dan Lifetime Of Achievement
Bruno Sammartino will be presented a lifetime achievement award by Dapper Dan Charities at the 2010 event. "I´m flabbergasted," said Sammartino, one of Pittsburgh´s most popular sports figures. "I never expected anything like this. Wrestling isn´t looked upon like the other sports of football, baseball, basketball and hockey. I´m deeply honored." Sammartino, who wore the championship belt for 11 years in two different reigns and who sold out arenas around the world for the better part of two decades, was selected by Dapper Dan´s six-member executive committee. The award will be presented at the 74th annual banquet Thursday, March 25, at the Petersen Events Center. 

September 12, 2009
50th Wedding Anniversary For The Sammartino's
Bruno and Carol Sammartino celebrated there 50th wedding anniversary on September 12, 2009 
November 29, 2008
Bruno Sammartino: An Autobiography Of Wrestling's Living Legend Will Be Re Released.
Originally published in 1990, Bruno’s autobiography received limited initial nationwide distribution. A friendship between Bruno and Sal Corrente has lead to the reproduction of a story that must be told and is a must have for any true wrestling fan. Fan´s will get the complete original version of the book plus newly inserted photos. 
Book Cover
November 25, 2008
TNA Interview With Bruno Sammartino
Kurt Angle Champion DVD coming November 25 from TNA Home Video with a very special appearance by Bruno Sammartino. 

October 06, 2008
Filmmakers Grapple With Getting The Bruno Sammartino Saga On Screen
Sandro Finamore a retired helicopter pilot for the New York Police Department says he has a knack for spotting books that would make great movies. He was sure he had found one when he read the 1990 autobiography of Bruno Sammartino. Finamore, who lives in Bay Ridge, had childhood memories of Sammartino wrestling on TV. The wrestler also had matches on 86th St. in Bensonhurst. "My father always told me to root for Bruno". He came from the same region in Italy, Abruzzi, as my father.
The two men met in Valley Forge, Pa. and rest will soon be history. Finamore has teamed with three other Brooklynites - director Franco Frassetti and video editor Reham Ahmed and sound and music editor Ronny Sena - to produce "In the Ring of Honor: The Bruno Sammartino Story". Finamore and Frassetti have spent the last two years traveling to 25 states, Canada and Italy to interview Sammartino and more than 50 wrestlers, sports celebrities, family, friends and fans. In a telephone interview, Sammartino said he still enjoys visiting his fans in Brooklyn, and is looking forward to the documentary. "They´re doing an awful lot of work," he said. "I´m curious to see what the final package will look like." 
June 26, 2007
Bruno Sammartino Surgery
Bruno Sammartino underwent major back surgery for a third time under surgeon Dr. Joseph Maroon. The surgery was successful.  
April 27, 2007
AWF Inducts Bruno Sammartino
The Patriot & Tom Brandi w/ Bruno Sammartino defeated Saddam Insane & Sheik Cicero w/ King Idu Stinq.  Later that night "Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino was inducted into the American Wrestling Federation Hall of Fame. 

March 24, 2007
Bruno Sammartino Receives The Key To The City
Bruno Sammartino received the Key to the City in Franklin, Pennsylvania as part of IWC´s Night of Legends 3. IWC also had the biggest wrestling show in its history in Franklin, PA due to the appearance of Bruno Sammartino. Sammartino will manage Domenic DeNucci against Larry Zbyszko, managed by Lord Zoltan.  
September 16, 2006
Bruno Sammartino Appears at Ring of Honor
Bruno Sammartino made a rare and inspiring appearance to praise Ring Of Honor and its performers. 
June 04, 2006
Chiller Theatre's Summer Extravaganza
"The Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino will make his first appearance at the Chiller Theatre convention in Secaucus, NJ. Fans will be able to get autographs and take pictures with Bruno. 

June 01, 2006
Bruno Sammartino Action Figure Hits Shelves
Bruno Sammartino has signed an independent deal with Jakks Pacific to produce an action figure, which is part of the WWE Classic Superstars line, Series 10. 

May 01, 2006
70th Annual Dapper Dan Dinner & Sports Auction
The Pittsburgh Hilton ballroom was packed last night for one of the biggest events in sports.
This year Steeler Jerome Bettis and Pitt women´s basketball coach Agnus Berenato were honored as sportsman and sportswoman of the year for the 70th annual Dapper Dan Dinner. Penn State football legend Joe Paterno received the Lifetime Achievement Award before guests including Bruno Sammartino and Boys & Girls Club CEO Mike Hepler. 
September 22, 2005
Feast of San Gennaro Opening Night
The Italian Superman Bruno Sammartino appears at the Feast of San Gennaro in Hollywood, California. 
August 02, 2005
Bruno Sammartino Refuses Hall Of Fame Invitation
The Associated Press ran a story about Bruno Sammartino who refused an invitation to be inducted in the 2005 WWE Hall Of Fame. Sammartino - 69 - said that he refused because he believes today´s wrestling is "vulgar, profane and bad for children. I´ve completely divorced myself from the wrestling world. I don´t believe in it," he said. "I would wonder where my principles are if I accepted," Sammartino added. 
June 22, 2004
Showdown - Legends Of Wrestling Hits Shelves
Bruno Sammartino to be featured again in the third part of the Legends of Wrestling video game series developed by Acclaim Entertainment for the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

April 01, 2003
Bruno Sammartino Documentary To Air
The Madison Square Garden network is working on a documentary on Bruno Sammartino, and is scheduled to air in June 

November 26, 2002
Legends of Wrestling II Hits Shelves
Bruno Sammartino to be featured in the professional wrestling video game Legends of Wrestling II. It is published by Acclaim Entertainment and released on November 26, 2002 for both the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. It was then released later for the Xbox on December 5, 2002.